My Intro into Non-Toxic, Organic Baby Products

After my son was born in early 2012, and after the haze of having a new baby wore off, I started to really pay attention to the products we were using and purchasing for our newborn.  I already leaned towards buying organic and non-toxic products for our baby while I was pregnant.  After he was born, and falling totally in love, I wanted nothing but the best for him – like most parents.  With that I started to realize how many chemicals and other nastiness were in baby products.  With him on the ground, putting things in his mouth, sitting in car seats, strollers, etc I started to realize how important all this non-toxic stuff was.  For awhile I thought I was going crazy but the more educated I became I realized it was nuts not to pay attention to this stuff.

I started out using cloth diapers, organic onesies, glass bottles, and exclusively breastfed.  I realized that there was so much more to it than that.  I now kick myself for not doing more research about this before he was born but I didn’t realize how important it would be for me.  Their skin is one fifth of the thickness of ours… all these chemicals, plastics and flame retardants is not good for them!  I had an epiphany when searching for new cloth diaper options – which I’ll blog about.  My cloth diaper search is what propelled me to start looking into the products we were using (and the products we were about to buy).  I feel fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest where being crunchy is totally acceptable! 🙂  I have some awesome local stores that I am able to shop at that actually care about the products they carry.

I will blog about all the products I have found that I love that are non-toxic.  I hope this helps you find things for your family.  Please let me know if you have any products you love that I haven’t mentioned here.

Disclaimer: I use affiliate links at times. It doesn’t cost you any more but does help support my time running my blog and this page. Other affiliate links might get you a discount which is a win, win! I appreciate you supporting my links as a way to help me offset my time by bringing info to you. I will never be swayed financially, and I will only post products and companies that I would, and do, personally use for my family.


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