Help remove toxins from car seats

One of my most popular blog posts is about finding a non-toxic car seat.  It’s something all of us want.  A safe car seat with toxins.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel, a real chance that flame retardants could be removed from car seats.  There are studies showing they are not helpful in real world car fires.  There is recent legislation, H.R. 5359, that would allow car seats to meet a smolder test instead of an open flame test.  This would allow car seat companies to make car seats without chemical flame retardants (which many have said they would like to do but can’t currently do while meeting our current, outdated flammability standards).

Please support my petition.  This will raise awareness of H.R. 5359.  Please sign and share with everyone you know!  Our children need this change – no more flame retardants in their car seats.




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