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Organic clothing for kids

After reading my previous blog post (if you haven’t read it you can do so here) you now know why GOTS certified organic clothing is so important.  I feel this is especially true for babies and kids.  The chemical load our children are exposed too is too much in my opinion.  Babies skin is so much thinner than ours and their bodies are so much smaller (in addition to our skin being our largest organ).   Most organic clothing is made in India where most organic cotton is grown (some is now be produced in China as well).  Having organic clothing isn’t enough.  The GOTS certification insures that the dyes and finished are non-toxic too.  You will see the green GOTS logo on clothing that is GOTS certified.  Do no be fooled by GOTS certified cotton.  That means that the cotton is certified but the dyes are not.  Here is the list of companies that I love that the final product has the GOTS certification:

Frugi – This is now my all time favorite GOTS certified company.  Their clothing is high quality and lasts for a long time for my kids.  I love their styles.  Now that my son is older I do a majority of my shopping here for him.  Shipping to the US is reasonable as well.  Age range is newborn up to age 10 for both boys and girls.  They have a small selection of maternity and women’s pajama’s as well (I am currently lounging in one of their pajama bottoms right now ;)).

Kite Kids – This was one my favorite clothing companies for my son when he was younger.  They are based out of the UK but shipping is reasonable and quick to the US.  They occasionally have deals on Zulily and I always try and stock up when they are featured.  Not everything is organic, GOTS certified cotton.  The fleece is not.  Most everything else is.  They have a few organic clothing items that are not GOTS certified because the factory that makes it follows the standards but isn’t certified.  With that being said, you will see the green GOTS logo under the product description if it is GOTS (or not).  Age range is newborn up to age 11 for both boys and girls.

Colored Organics – They offer a good selection of basic clothing (t-shrits, long sleeves, sweatsuits) that are all GOTS certified.  I have to admit when I opened my first order I was disappointed at how thin the clothing was.  I actually almost returned it all.  I was use to thicker sweatshirts especially living in the Pacific Northwest.  However, we kept some things and I ended up really loving them.  The quality is really good.  After I do laundry, my oldest picks out his Colored Organics sweats first every time.  I also love having some basics that don’t have any designs on the front.  Age range is newborn up to age 6.  Their sizing runs pretty small.  My big 4 year old has almost outgrown the size 6.  I emailed them to find out if they have considered making bigger sizes since their clothing runs small and to my delight they told me that their spring / summer of 2017 collection will go up to size 12!

Living Crafts – GOTS certified baby, kids and adults clothes.  This is a great company with quality clothing.  We have several of their pieces for both kids and adults.  They ship from Europe.  Some of their clothing is also sold at Little Spruce Organics which is here in the USA.

Under the Nile – This was one of my favorite companies when my son was younger.  They are 100% organic, GOTS certified.  Most of their clothes are for newborn to 2 years old.  They do offer clothing up to age 6 but it is just their long john pajamas and some underwear.  They have great stuffed animals, rugs and play mats that are made up from the scraps of their clothing.  We are big fans of Under the Nile in this house!

Broken Tricycle – They are out of Australia and are mostly newborn to age 2.  They are featured on Zulily from time to time and that is where I have picked up a few pieces.  All of their clothing is 100% organic cotton, GOTS certified.

L’ovedbaby – Organic, GOTS clothing age newborn to 2 years old.  I have one piece from them.  I didn’t discover them until my oldest was out of their sizes.  Amazon has a good selection of their clothing.

Hanna Andersson – They have a small selction of Oeko-Tek certified organic cotton clothing.  In their line of organic cotton is their pajamas, underwear, basic t-shirts, most of their polo shirts, and a few other pieces.  They have clothing newborn up to age 12.

Kate Quinn Organics – They are 100% organic cotton and all is GOTS certified.  You will not see the GOTS label on the inside of their clothing though.  They have decided against adding an extra label from a waste standpoint.  I have received verification from the company in writing that they are GOTS certified.  Age range is newborn up to age 8 for both boys and girls.  Sign up for their newsletters to get notified of flash sales that they do fairly often.  UPDATE:  I ordered from them in 2015 and my clothes were stinky as in chemical stinky.  I’ve heard other readers say this was the case too.  Some others have not had any issues.  Kate Quinn maintains that they are GOTS.  I now proceed with caution with Kate Quinn.

I also really love wool.  There are several GOTS certified organic wool clothing companies which are based out of Germany.  My favorite site to by wool is Little Spruce Organics.  I actually love most everything about her site but it is my go to place to buy wool for my son.  Engle and Disana are the brands that I buy from her.  If you haven’t purchased from her before she offers a 20% discount on your first order (see the info on the right side of her website).  The one note I’ll make is that I don’t love NUI organics.  They are not certified and the one time I ordered clothing from their company off of Zulily is had a strong chemical smell.

Other GOTS certified clothing companies that I have not ordered from:

Maple Clothing – They are on amazon and sell organic cotton, GOTS certified onsies, t-shirts and pants for newborn up to 2 years old.  I have never personally purchased from them but only because I found them once my son was too big.

Burts Bees Clothing – Affordable line of GOTS clothing.  They are owned by Clorox but do have the GOTS certification.  I do not own any of their clothing but from what I have heard the quality might not be the greatest.  For clothes that get outgrown quickly it might not be an issue.  Age range newborn up to age 7.

Piccalilly – They are organic, GOTS certified clothing from newborn up to age 10.  I haven’t ordered from them yet but have been meaning too.  It looks like they have a good selection of clothing for kids.

Finn & Emma – Mostly newborn to 18months.  They have pajamas that go up to 4 years old.  They are GOTS certified but do not have the GOTS logo on their clothing.

Are their other GOTS clothing brands you love?  Please let me know and I may add them to this list!

*This list was updated October of 2016