Back on the saddle

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged.  A lot has happened in our lives and I just needed to take a break.  We welcomed our second baby to our family.  He is the sweetest.  We also moved and did a remodel.

I had grand intensions of blogging again when I was pregnant but I was too tired and felt too sick to devote any energy to anything other than making it through the day.

Then we found a house we loved.  We did some work to it and then moved.  Moving with 2 young kids is not for the faint of heart!

I have so many blog posts to share with you all.  I am also going to go back through and update posts – including the car seat post!  I’ll also be updating links because I know some products don’t exist anymore and some links are not working.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you all again!


12 thoughts on “Back on the saddle

  1. Rachel E R

    Congratulations on baby #2! We just had our second baby too and are in the process of moving- yes, not for the faint of heart! Would love to hear about the work you did and how you managed to avoid toxic products. I am going crazy here over finding the right tube of caulk- it is so overwhelming!

      1. mynaturebaby

        I would love caulk suggestions! I am open to any brand! Would love this. Also, we also had our second several months ago…. but moved a year ago, so didn’t have to tackle any of that at the same time.

        I know you’ve been back for a while – I saw your other posts and have been reading. A mom from a mom’s group I am in (virtual one) asked about organic mattresses, and I responded, and then sent her your way. So, I logged back in myself to check out the latest from NBM. 🙂

        Look forward to the continued posts – and hope you all are settled in now!


  2. sheena

    Welcome back! Glad to hear all is well with new baby and new home.

    If you have info, would love to know about safe caulk brands and other home upgrade/remodel tips.

  3. Sub

    So glad to have you back! Your blog is such a savior! As you update your posts, could you mention it somewhere so we’d know which to check? Thanks!

  4. naturalbabymama Post author

    I’ve just created a closed Facebook group as a way the Natural Baby Mama community can discuss non-toxic items. Whether you are wanting to know what car seat to buy, questioning non-toxic baby items or items for you or your home, this is will be a great resource and open line of communication. Please like the Natural Baby Mama Facebook page and join the closed group at

    I’m looking forward to interacting with you more in the closed group!


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